Definition of Cloud Burst

What is Cloud Burst?

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Cloud Burst is a tech phenomenon which gauges the ability of a Cloud Computing environment in handling the increase of workload.

Cloud Burst if taken positively is the ability of a Cloud architecture, whether Infrastructure, Platform or Software, in managing the demand of end-users and if taken negatively explains the inability of a cloud architecture in managing the above situation. Generally, it is use to measure the quality of service, scalability and availability of a cloud computing infrastructure in the most extreme anticipated demand scenario. 

Brief Description of Cloud Burst

Computing architectures of all sizes, complexity and underlying framework goes through certain usage & performance peaks during their operation. Cloud computing architecture provides all the resources over the internet offer services to a wide range of users spread globally and with the rising interest in cloud solutions, the cloud architectures face increased challenges in their operations.

Cloud burst is a term which is used to measure the amount of resilience a cloud provider can sustain for demand spike. A provider which has inadequate infrastructure and ill-programmed interfaces will likely falter under a high resource demand condition and will result in a negative cloudburst, whereas if the architecture is built to scale with the demand and gives constant performance is known as Positive Cloudburst.