Definition Private Cloud Server

What is Private Cloud Server?

Cloud Infrastructure

Private cloud server is a type of server that is deployed, hosted and used within a private cloud environment. It can be used in multiple ways or any possible way a server can be used. Such as a storage server, application server or part of a large server cluster.

Brief Description of Private Cloud Server

A private cloud server can be deployed

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Definition Public Cloud Server

What is Public Cloud Server?

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Management

Public cloud server is a type of server that is deployed, hosted and used within a public cloud environment. It works as a standard cloud server and can be used for data storage, application hosting, clustering or any back end IT / Cloud operation.

Brief Description of Public Cloud Server

Typically, a public cloud server is owned, hosted

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Definition Hybrid Cloud Server

What is Hybrid Cloud Server?

Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud Server is a type of cloud server that is deployed and hosted within a hybrid cloud environment. It is similar to a cloud server that provides server end computing tasks and services within a hybrid cloud structure. It can be cloud hosted server or can be entirely a dedicated server.

Brief Description of Hybrid Cloud Server


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Definition Cloud Computing Architecture

What is Cloud Computing Architecture?

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Management Cloud Platform Cloud Services Cloud Software Cloud Storage

Cloud computing architecture is referred to the structural design that makes up any of the service or delivery models of cloud computing technology. It defines all the primary and secondary components that make up a cloud computing solution or service.

Brief Description of Cloud Computing Architecture

Typically, cloud computing architecture is composed

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