What is Cloud Application Portability?

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Cloud Application Portability is referred to process through which cloud based application interoperability between different cloud vendors & platforms is measured. Cloud Application Portability is the extent of portability that exists in a cloud application / software. It validates that a certain

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Definition azure service platform

What is Azure Service Platform?

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Azure Service Platform is Microsoft’s propriety hybrid cloud offering that enables the development and hosting of application on Microsoft’s datacenters. It is a combination of IaaS and PaaS services that enables in the development, deployment, management, monitoring and maintenance of cloud

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Definition AMD Virtualization

What is AMD Virtualization?

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AMD Virtualization (AMD – V) is a technology created by AMD systems that provides enhanced virtual machine management and operations on AMD x86 powered desktops, servers and data centers. AMD V is also known as AMD Secure Virtual Machine (AMD SVM) and was also codenamed “Pacifica” before its

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