Definition of Storage vMotion

What is Storage vMotion?

Cloud Monitoring

Storage vMotion is a part of VMware vSphere, which authorizes the quick movement from one storage system to another system of a running virtual machine’s (VM) file system. This migration takes place with no downtime for the VM nor any disruption in service for end users.


The migration that occurs from one storage system to another is done while maintaining data integrity. The VMware Storage vMotion instigates the procedure by imitating the VM’s metadata, located in its home index, to the alternative storage site. Then, the software duplicates the disk file of VM to a different place by utilizing VMware vSphere’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) functionality to maintain the integrity whilst the duplication happens. Next, CBT unit is listed again for a subsequent replication to the different place. This time the copying is only of the blocks that have been transformed since the original repetition had commenced.