What is Amazon EC2 Container Service ?

Definition of Amazon EC2 Container Service

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is a distributed computing administration in Amazon Web Services (AWS) that oversees compartments. It enables clients to run and modify applications or micro services on gatherings of servers called bunches through API calls and assignment definitions.

Brief Explanation of Amazon EC2 Container Service

ECS empowers clients to make and run Dockers holders for disseminated applications utilizing an arrangement of APIs. ECS assesses and screens CPU and memory yield to decide the ideal arrangement for a compartment. AWS clients can likewise utilize the support of refresh holders or scale them up or down. Flexible Load Balancing, Elastic Block Store volumes, and Identity and Access Management parts are additionally bolstered for further customization. EC2 Container Service incorporates two schedulers, which enable clients to convey holders in light of figuring needs or accessibility necessities. Long-running applications and cluster occupations advantage from the utilization of schedulers for their responsiveness. ECS likewise bolsters outsider booking alternatives.


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