What is Amazon Elasti Cache?

Definition of  Amazon Elasti Cache

Amazon Elasti Cache is a cloud based caching service that increases the performance, speed, and redundancy of application in retrieving data. It provides an in-memory database caching system that provides runtime scalable cache for web based applications and services.  Amazon ElastiCache is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of cloud based services.

Brief Description of Amazon Elasti Cache

Amazon Elasti Cache primarily provides managed caching service through a cloud hosted infrastructure. It works by deploying distributed object cache architecture that is similar to mem cache. Amzon Elasti Cache deploys a cache cluster across a series of mem cache supported cache nodes. Each node can be separately analyzed for performance and scaled at runtime through the AWS management console.

To simplify deployment, Amazon Elasti Cache provides preconfigured parameters that are designed for deploying typical application node types. The parameters on each node can be customized based on requirements. The entire caching service is continuously monitored for performance and also provides automatic failover mechanism if a node goes down. The new failover node is automatically configured to match parameters

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