What is Apace Zookeeper?

Definition of Apache Zookeeper

Zookeeper is a service designed to maintain configuration information, naming and provide distributed management and providing group services in a centralized way. It is an open source API and enables synchronization of large systems and their processes and links them to allow sending and receiving of requests of data.

Brief Description of Apache Zookeeper

The Apache Zookeeper is an open source sub-project of Hadoop that allows users with an infrastructure for cross node synchronization that can be used to serialize and link tasks across the cluster. This is done when the status type information is maintained in the memory on the ZooKeeper server which maintains a copy of the system status and maintains log files with the information in them. Clients interact with Zookeeper servers for the retrieval and updating of the information and create znodes which can be updated by any node in the cluster. This centralization in clusters is important to serialize large systems or servers in a distributed state.

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