What is Application Portability?

Definition of Application Portability

Application portability lets the apps more portable .This portability helps the app to conveniently move from one cloud surrounding to the other. Through application portability, you can move apps or data to and fro between two clouds like from private cloud to public clouds.

The number of clouds could range from single to multiple; this transfer delivers the same functional levels and running pace. The source cloud and the target cloud are not the same as with different hypervisors, functionality and security options at the source cloud may vary completely from the target cloud.

Brief Description of Application portability

Application Portability though has some hassles in the advancements like lack of homogeneous cloud APIs but still in progress to enable application transfer or migration between backend infrastructures.  This portability aids in the migration of a system to another cloud service or set of cloud services.

Such type of transfers is required in Applications especially those apps which are business-oriented software programs. The need of portability arises when the apps are not restricted to a single cloud or cloud vendor. Application Portability enables the application owner to switch off between different cloud vendors if their current provided doesn’t comply with SLA.

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