What is Application Streaming?

Definition of Application Streaming

Application streaming is a shape of application software distribution. In such streaming, only required portions of an application’s code are needed to give the user the ease to instantly act / use the application. The necessary code and files are transported over the network whenever needed.

Brief Description of Application streaming

Application streaming has a direct link with application virtualization, where applications are run directly from a virtual machine on the fundamental server that is completely isolated from the local system. However, application streaming runs the application locally with the centralized storage of application code.

Applications consist of a large amount of data or files, through a streaming application only the required portion of the associated files are downloaded. Once the essential download is completed, a streaming application will advance without a network connection.

The server sends the client the information that is required to launch the application and then follow the rest in the background while the user is working on his apps. Application streaming uses the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and is often works with desktop virtualization.

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