What is meant by Backend as a Service?

Definition of Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service or BaaS (BaaS) is a cloud computing sort that assists developers to setup, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet and web apps.  Via such facilitation you can now develop backend features for your apps in no time.

Brief Description of Backend as a Service

Web and mobile apps needs similar types of features on the backend, for instance, push notifications, social networks configuration, and storage. BaaS offers a unified ApI and SDK for the application with various cloud-based back ends now the developers are saved from the menaces of redevelopment of backend for each service which will definitely save precious time and cash

A typical App builds divided into two components naming –Client Side (front end) and Server side (back end) the BaaS resides at the server side serving the .business logic of the application and the data processing & organization. Now you should integrate the BaaS service to have smooth procedures with user logins, file uploads, push notifications and other desired functions

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