What is Bare-Metal Hypervisor?

Bare-Metal Hypervisor is a virtualization software. Its another name is Type 1 hypervisor. One of the distinct features of Bare-Metal Hypervisor is that it is directly installed on the computing hardware.

Brief Description of Bare-Metal Hypervisor

Bare-Metal Hypervisor has the ability to control the hardware as well as more than one guest operating systems (OSes). The direct access to hardware gives additional benefits to Bare-Metal Hypervisor like it can excel in performance, stability, and scalability. However, there is a flip side to it too, the built-in drivers have the capability to minimize the hardware support. In this scenario, the added advantages that Bare-Metal Hypervisor or Type 1 Hypervisor had over others like client hypervisor goes null and void. So it is important Bare-Metal Hypervisor receives full hardware support to perform up to its potential.

Citrix XenServer, Vmware ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V are the popular bare-metal hypervisors available in the market.

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