What is meant by Born in the cloud?

Definition of Born in the cloud

The term “born in the cloud” refers to a cloud service that does not demand legacy systems and run all its operation under cloud technology. This category of cloud services is helpful to deliver all the work procedures through cloud computing. In “born in the cloud” scenario, the products are not “legacy products”, and vendors are free to enjoy the swift flexibility and accessibility. The explanation of born in the cloud widens “as hardware or legacy based services may sometime are referred to be born in the cloud environment.

Brief Description of Born in the cloud

‘Born in the cloud’, is a future of advance computer technology, such as driverless cars, more, server-centric backups, etc, it could be a single solution “for all their cloud based services. The combination of cloud computing and commercial fortitude has led to formulate an innovative generation of technology-oriented set –ups those that are Born-on-the cloud.

In Born in the cloud technology, cloud is the platform for every service. They also include some common attributes of legacy .The benefits of born in the cloud include, extensive or exclusive cloud usage, Customer-focused and Flexible and distributed workforce. In the cloud atmosphere workers can perform from anywhere. Thus BOTC companies allow working in flexible hours. This service is conveniently hiring competent staff globally.

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