What is Broad Network Access?

Definition of Broad Network Access

In Broad network access a cloud network is serving to host the resources and these resources are available for access on unlimited devices, like smart phones, tablets, or PCs. Another facility of broad network access is that the resources are available on every location that has an online access.

Brief Description of Broad Network Access

Broad network access within a cloud lacks the privacy option and raised certain security issues. Companies resist implying such services as they are concerned about the information privacy and don’t want to leak any info through the networks in a public cloud.

In a private cloud, data is secured within a company’s own firewall. Whereas in Public cloud servers or other cloud services can accesses the resources or data for its employees.

Broad network access does not compliment the privacy of the info whereas it believe in the accessibility of the resources through diverse devices of the employees e.g. smart phones, tablets etc with online connectivity, This will assist the employee to access company resources and continue to work from their own devices. Broad network access is not welcomed by several companies for its privacy issues. The broad network access is becoming more general in hybrid cloud settings.

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