What is Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0)?

Definition of Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0)

Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0) is a refinement of the present business intelligence model. This business intelligence concept was introduced in mid 2000. The business 2.0 permits the inquiry of real-time corporate data by employees. The users can access the data via web or browser based facility. This is a contemporary trend which is quite different from the traditional software oriented business intelligence solutions.

Brief Description of Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0)

Business intelligence integrates the approaches emphasizing in the context of data more than just focusing on simple information.

Business intelligence2.0 is dependent on Service-oriented architecture (SOA) through which real-time data collection is possible and could be streamlined. Unlike the General BI,business intelligence 2.0 is a browser-based service and you cannot for grant this service as a simple analytical

The features of 2.0 BI highlights ,SOA and Web 2.0 architecture, Event incorporation Real-time reporting, optimum data insight Contextual data with core Actions kicked off without interruption. With such advancements, users are saved from the troubles of dealing with complicated interfaces and disconnection glitches. This novel offer is simple, widely accessible and gives swift correspondence to analysts.

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