What is Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)?

Definition of Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Among the numerous Amazon services, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) has set the stage as a messaging queue service to manage the messaging system and or flow of work between other mechanisms in a system. A trustworthy and profoundly scalable hosted queue for storing messages. The service Read Full Definition

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What is meant by Amazon SimpleDB?

Definition of Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon Simple Database (Amazon SimpleDB) is a web service from Amazon that creates a controlled data storage system in the cloud prevailing on Amazon-managed database servers. The data is comprehensively stored in the cloud with optimum safety.

Explanation of Amazon SimpleDB

Through the query function, the data values are completely Read Full Definition

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What is meant by Apache pig big data?

Definition of  Apache pig big data

Through Apache pig big data can be analyzed seamlessly as this platform delivers all features through which a sophisticated data with complex language applied in the data analysis programs, could be analyzed substantially. The Apache Pig programs are open to parallelization, and through this feature Read Full Definition

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What is Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0)?

Definition of Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0)

Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0) is a refinement of the present business intelligence model. This business intelligence concept was introduced in mid 2000. The business 2.0 permits the inquiry of real-time corporate data by employees. The users can access the data via web or browser based facility. Read Full Definition

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