What is Auto Scaling?

Definition of Auto Scaling:

Auto Scaling refers to the automatic allocation and dis-allocation of computing resources in a cloud computing environment.

Brief Description of Auto Scaling

Autoscaling is also known as Auto-scaling and automatic elastic. Autoscaling works on the principle of load-balancing. It automatically adds or removes the computing resources Read Full Definition

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Definition of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the most functional categories of cloud computing technologies that integrate a diverse number of machines to act as a unit. Unlike conventional and shared hosting solutions, cloud hosting is operated by many cloud servers.

Explanation of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is synonymous with server on-demand hosting, Read Full Definition

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What is All Cloud Environment?

Definition of All Cloud Environment

The all cloud environment comprises a surrounding where an organization or solo user employs all cloud-based infrastructure and services to execute and complete it’s tasks. In such environment local or office based software are not applied to pursue the official work or for data storage and Read Full Definition

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What is Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)?

Definition of Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Among the numerous Amazon services, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) has set the stage as a messaging queue service to manage the messaging system and or flow of work between other mechanisms in a system. A trustworthy and profoundly scalable hosted queue for storing messages. The service Read Full Definition

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