What is meant Chaos Monkey?

Definition of Chaos Monkey

Chaos Monkey is a convenient digital cloud service which is basically an open source software tool by Adrian Cockroft at Netflix .This software is meant to test the computer problems and working. The software defines that how a computer and its operation process can survive the failures and defects.

Brief Description of Chaos Monkey

Chaos Monkey assesses the cloud to spot failures and knows the tactics to fix them before they really originates. Its main objective is to alert about failure or defect in the cloud system, the service is accessible mostly during the business hours or demands some technical experts to work out on defects and failure.

Chaos Monkey is complimented with “GameDay” by Jesse Robbins at Amazon.com and “DIRT” by Kripa Krishnan at Google. Chaos Monkey is a service which is associated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that inquire about Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs) and effectively cease instances per group. The service is comprehensively design to get flexible with other cloud providers or instance groupings and chaos monkey can be upgraded for added support. This service is formatted to function when the operation goes offline, therefore while running Chaos Monkey expert engineers are needed on- spot to fix the issues.

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