What is Citrix HDX ?

Definition of Citrix HDX

Citrix HDX innovation is an arrangement of abilities that cooperate to convey a superior quality client experience of virtual desktops and applications to any gadget over any system from the server farm.

Brief Explanation of Citrix HDX

It innovation is to guarantee that Xen Desktop and XenApp clients get a top quality desktop virtualization client encounter like that accomplished with customary desktop PCs. Citrix HDX innovation is regularly contrasted with the other significant remote show conventions, Microsoft’s Remote FX (RFX) and VMware’s PC over IP (PCoIP). PCoIP utilizes the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to furnish remote desktop clients with video, sound, and fringe bolster while RFX utilizes a blend of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and UDP (or it can utilize either/or if need be). HDX depends on TCP, yet the most recent renditions can likewise utilize UDP for a few things where it bodes well. It innovation incorporates the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) convention alongside extra functionalities that make desktop virtualization both versatile and down to earth, even over low transfer speed and high dormancy WAN associations.


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