What is Citrix Xen Server?

Definition of Citrix Xen Server

Citrix Xen Server is a hypervisor that enables the creation, management and monitoring of virtualized or cloud server/server infrastructure. It is built over Xen virtual machine hypervisor / virtual machine manager. It is available in 64-bit hypervisor platform and can be executed on x86 series of processors.

Brief Description of Citrix Xen Server

Citrix Xen Server primarily works by consolidation a physical server into multiple virtual machines / virtual servers. It is designed to provide virtual servers that deliver the same services as of a standard server. The created virtual machine server supports most guest server operating system such as Linux and Windows Server. Citrix Xen Server central management enables in;

  • Managing the allocation and distribution of the host physical server computing resources among all hosted virtual servers.
  • Administers their performance and usage
  • Ensuring security and tight coupling between virtual machines
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