What is Cloud Analytics?

Definition of Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics is a Software AS A Service (SAAS) model that is used to provide data analysis services over the network in a cloud computing environment.


Cloud Analytics activities are basically executed over any private or public cloud in a cloud computing environment. Cloud Analytics is used to perform any business related intelligence process or analytical activities on any type of data while utilizing the services provided by cloud computing models like SaaS business intelligence (BI), social media analytics products, hosted data warehouses etc. Services of Cloud Analytics can be delivered either by using one cloud computing model at a time or a merge of multiple cloud computing models hence making it a hybrid service solution. For an instance, services of SaaS business intelligence (BI) and hosted data warehouses can be utilized at a time for storing or retrieving some data from hosted data warehouse and performing some business intelligence process on that data. Sometimes, Platform AS A Service (PAAS) solutions are used by customers to create their own Cloud Analytics applications according to their requirements and then they deploy these applications in cloud computing environments.

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