What is Cloud application management for platforms (CAMP)?

Definition of Cloud application management for platforms (CAMP)

Cloud application management for platforms (CAMP) is a condition required for the administration of applications specifically in Platform as a Service (PaaS) based cloud environments. CAMP is designed to assist a high-level PaaS system; generally, a developer or application administrator provides application content like code, data, graphics, and specifies which provider-supplied services are best to integrate these components as application.

Brief Description of Cloud Application Management for Platform

Through CAMP specification developers are at ease to monitor and control their applications through open-source API structures based on representation state transfer (REST). CAMP was developed by Oracle Corporation in collaboration with Cloud Bees, Cloud Soft, Huawei, Rackspace, Red Hat and Software AG. These specifications allow the direct communication between the cloud provider that develops and provisions the PaaS service and the client that is utilizing the defined platform to develop applications and services. This allows the cloud consumer to automatically manage the application while springing up the PaaS assistance.
CAMP’s strategies feature the management of applications forever. Moreover, the application management services will be under the control of common REST-ful APIs that functions on diverse cloud environments.

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