What is meant by Cloud Application Portability?

Definition of Cloud Application Portability

A portable cloud application can easily move among cloud vendors without any integrating problem. Cloud application portability solve the cross-platform issues in a cloud computing platform, especially when the applications are software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-oriented. Through cloud application portability, cloud on-boarding – is possible through which the deployment or migration of applications to a cloud service or set of cloud services is possible.

Brief Description of Cloud Application Portability

Cloud portability is directly proportional to the interoperability among cloud providers, as one cloud provider must be able to set the same application environment that the previous cloud provider had established. Cloud application portability is very purposeful as applications can be transferred to other provider because of increase rates or a breached service. Clients require moving cloud-based resources to another provider due to geographical proximities.

In short, being sheltered into a single cloud restricts the ability to move successfully in the future. Cloud portability allows selecting better pricing with better quality of service. It delivers the flexibility to deploy applications based on acquiescence requirements, data protection laws, and latency limitation. Along with enterprisers, Individual vendors work in partnerships to create expertise in cloud portability.

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