What is Cloud Application Portability?

Definition of Cloud Application Portability

Cloud Application Portability is referred to process through which cloud based application interoperability between different cloud vendors & platforms is measured. Cloud Application Portability is the extent of portability that exists in a cloud application / software. It validates that a certain application/software can be deployed on other cloud vendor or different cloud architectures without much customization.

Brief Description of Cloud Application Portability

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way IT application and services are delivered over the internet, globally accessed and easily rented out on pay-as-you-go subscription model. With the broad flexibility offered by cloud and flourishing growth of cloud providers, users are always looking for solution that provides the best TCO & ROI on their cloud investments.

Cloud Application Portability deals in providing platform / infrastructure switching flexibility to applications users that intend to deploy their application on a different cloud. Typically, cloud application portability requires that the application /software / SaaS architecture is built on open and easily interoperable technologies / standards. If an application is created using open and cloud friendly standards chances are that the application can easily be migrated and deployed on a new cloud infrastructure. Besides the application itself, the current and new cloud platform / infrastructure ability to support portability is also essential to ensure a cloud application as portable.

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