What is meant by Cloud Application Programming Interface (Cloud API)?

Definition of Cloud Application Programming Interface (Cloud API)

Through Cloud Application Programming Interface (Cloud API) the development of applications and services are rendered which are then employed for the efficient accessibility of cloud hardware, software, and platforms. A cloud API delivers direct and indirect cloud infrastructure and software services to users. A cloud API is the fundamental element in public cloud solution and is dependent on the REST and SOAP networks, cross-platform and vendor-specific APIs.

Brief description of Cloud Application Programming Interface (Cloud API)

These Cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) build and survive applications in the cloud computing market. Cloud APIs allow software to request data and computations from multiple services. The facility to enhance the cloud-based practice and have cross-cloud compatibility assists to craft the Cloud API (Application Programming Interface) environment. Now, administrators can seamlessly incorporate applications and other operations into the cloud via these APIs. Cross-platform interfaces allow applications to access services from multiple providers without rewriting, with some limitations. Cloud APIs are integrated in the zones of infrastructure, service and application. This is a secured system as Cloud provider cloud APIs have authentication mechanisms which ensures that only authorized API calls are made to the authorized systems.

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