What is Cloud application?

Definition of Cloud Application

A cloud application (cloud app) is an application program that is operative under a cloud; it may reside entirely on a single device at the user’s location or is stored on a remote server and is delivered via browser interface on the internet.

Brief Description of Cloud Application

Quick response and offline mode functioning are the fundamental advantages of cloud app, however, it also has the property to get updated online, and the user can control the app anytime, anywhere without any glitches of storage.It can be run on many devices. Cloud apps are simply the functional amalgamation of both the Web applications and conventional desktop application. For optimum utility, cloud app require fast Internet connection, as it offers the interface of a desktop application together with the efficacy of a Web application.

If the user possesses a browser, an Internet connection and a communication device, He could take advantage from the cloud App. The original user interface is present in the local device. Where the data is cache locally .This mode is very beneficial with temporary Internet outage or prolongs internet disconnection.


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