What is Cloud archive ?

Definition of Cloud archive

The Cloud archive has the ability to manage long-term information. The document is rarely obtained and contains information that can be transmitted for security and continuity with address information agreements.

Brief Explanation of Cloud archive

The presentation was considered an application for early jealousy and has been one of the leading use cases renowned for storing storage for several reasons:

Unlike the secure cloud, it eliminates and retrieves information that can conserve and retain much unnecessary information about the home.

It simplifies the need to update the strips of the plate or system in the local program and date to store cloud monitoring, and store and store important information.

Most documentary information should be reduced to a process that can be cloudy, tired and expensive.

Closed clouds contain information on ice, although all cross-configuration information may require greater accessibility, which is only done once in a short period of time, regularly manages an open cloud.


Similarly, any other element or permanent application, an advantage of the cloud file, is to provide the most up-to-date information in the control information of the long-term security information to retain the following. In order to protect internal flights, information transmitted via the cloud is monitored by secure HTTP conventions. Most suppliers can also find information in their punches. Users can add their own encryption keys to an additional level of information security or cryptography before sending it to the cloud.


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