What is meant by Cloud Backup?

Definition of Cloud backup

Cloud backup, or cloud computer backup, back up data to a remote, cloud-based server. It is a category of storage because cloud backup data is stored in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources resting in a cloud.Through Cloud backup enterprises or individuals store their data and computer files on the Internet with the assistance of storage service provider, and are saved from storing the data locally on a physical disk.

Brief Description of Cloud backup

An enterprise-grade cloud backup adds exclusive solutions like archiving and disaster recovery. Archiving satisfies and the legal requirements for data preservation while the company’s disaster recovery plan, is the remote, off-site storage to ensure the data safety in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood, hacker attack or employee theft. This is an easy option to back up your data. It easily create, schedule, and manage file-level backups through a Control Panel or API. It’s the part of the Cloud Servers on high-capacity network, which protect files and restore backups in minutes and it reduce storage costs many folds as compared to uncompressed backups. Now you can efficiently work by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss.

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