What is Cloud Backup?

Definition of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a type of cloud service through which cloud computing resources and infrastructure is used to deliver data, server or application backup services. It is a cloud storage service model that provides storage of backup data using the internet on cloud-hosted backup infrastructure. Cloud backup is sometimes referred to as online backup or remote backup – although all provide similar services but differ in the underlying backup tools and technologies.

Brief Description of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup primarily enables in storing an individual or organization’s data on an offsite remote cloud storage infrastructure. It works when a cloud hosted / based backup provider allocates cloud storage or backup capacity to subscribers. This storage and backup capacity are accessible globally directly via the internet, cloud storage / backup API’s or through a client end backup software. Unlike standard backup technique / systems / infrastructure , cloud backup is highly flexible and scalable. Subscribers can easily scale backup resources based on the underlying backup storage requirements. Cloud backup is mainly delivered as a managed service, where the entire backup infrastructure and supporting services are managed and monitored by the backup provider.

How is Cloud Backup used?

Cloud backup can be used to virtually store and backup all type of users or organizations data and applications / services data or system images. Some of the common ways to use it includes;

  • Store and backup files, images, documents and other data on individual’s computer / system.
  • Store and backup system files, data and operating system images from servers,  virtual machines, and other server end devices.
  • Create and deliver a cloud-based disaster recovery site.
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