What is Cloud Burst?

Definition of Cloud burst

Cloud burst is a metric which measures cloud service scalability and software application performance on hosted cloud platforms.

Brief Description of Cloud Burst

Cloud burst can be measured both positively and negatively it could be understood like that, an scalable, flexible and reliable cloud service can easily gain and manage network traffic and computing requirements, on the contrary, a poorly-designed architecture will fade to deliver optimum service thus delivers a negative burst .

In a hybrid cloud, the application migrates from a private to a public cloud and thus burst data. Cloud bursting in this sense has delivers the optimum app performance. A locally deployed application burst to the cloud to reach the real height of performance, or the application can be moved to the public cloud to free up limited resources for business applications. Cloud Burst is a solution to provide resource monitoring, cost management and services availability in a cloud. The benefit of a hybrid cloud deployment is that in such scenario the buyer pays for extra resources only when they are needed.

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