What is meant by Cloud Compliance?

Definition of Cloud compliance

Cloud compliance is the measure to identify that cloud-delivered systems are acquiescent with standards that the cloud customers face. This is a crucial feature when dealing with cloud computing services.

Brief Description of Cloud compliance

By moving data from your internal storage to cloud environment, you should check how that data remain compliant with laws and regulations. ‘Cloud compliance’ policies are different for different industries and they should match the relevant standards and regulations that cloud customers need to comply with.

Cloud customers are always a concern with the security supplies of their vendors and they belief that the vendors will provide the security to their clients in the same way they would look at their own internal security. Clients or companies look for vendors that certify compliance, and choose these types of certified vendors. However, some clients get involved in accessing the cloud vendor’s security, this ensures the service complies with the legitimate standards and regulations .Through cloud compliance, the provider can explain what type of data should reside on their cloud services and how they’re going to protect it, back it up and how to reserve the right to audit the data security and compliance framework

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