What is Cloud Computing Manifesto?

Definition of Cloud Computing Manifesto

The Cloud Computing Manifesto proclaims about the doctrine of cloud computing services. It employs some specific principles of cloud computing service like accessibility, transparency, and security. The Cloud Computing Manifesto believes in the openness of the cloud computing. Considered as “a call to action for the worldwide cloud community”, this manifesto is being criticized because of the open mechanism.

Brief Description of Cloud Computing Manifesto

The Cloud Computing Manifesto has defined the core value of the cloud services that includes, scalability on demand, streamlining the data center and effectively reducing the cost. The manifesto has also addressed the real challenges cloud computing is facing. This includes security, data and application interoperability, portability, management, and monitoring of cloud infrastructure and services.

The critics are disappointed by the lack of openness in the development of the Cloud Manifesto. They actually require implementations and according to the critics especially Microsoft, companies, would prefer to manage the growth of cloud computing, without any open mechanism. The Cloud Computing Manifesto was developed through accord hosted on a Media Wiki and is accessible under a Creative Commons license.

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