What is Cloud Development?

Definition of Cloud Development

Cloud Development is referred to the process of developing a software service or solution from a cloud-based software development infrastructure.

It is a broad process that shifts the traditional in-house software development process to cloud-based software development, testing, and release. It provides enhanced agility and flexibility to create and deploy new applications as compared to in-house software development.

Cloud Development can also be termed as cloud based software development.

Brief Description of Cloud Development

Although Cloud Development may include a broad range of cloud solutions and services, it is mainly focused on developing cloud-based applications such as SaaS. It is generally delivered through cloud-based development platforms. Such development platform provides cloud developers with the ability to create, test and execute application and software code – entirely on cloud-based development tools and infrastructure.

Typically, a cloud development environment may include basic development tools, application lifecycle management, application testing, configuration management, security testing and application delivery tools.

Cloud Development may also be referred to the actual process of creating any of the cloud computing solution / service model such as IaaS, SaaS or PaaS.

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