What is Cloud Gaming?

Definition of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming services are basically, on-demand cloud services. In cloud gaming environment, games are not stored in your devices but reside on a provider’s cloud server. Games are retrieved from the provides’s cloud servers using a client/gamer end software. There are two main types of cloud gaming: First is based on video streaming while the second on file streaming. Cloud gaming service delivers seamless and direct access to games across various devices.

Brief Description of Cloud Gaming

The installed client program is simple which doesn’t require extra processing power to work. The gamer selects the game of their choice from the available games within that client software and play them on the server. The cloud gaming provider delivers the processing power for running the game. Good internet connectivity speed is essential to play games smoothly via cloud gaming.

Through cloud gaming, systems users are saved from hardware upgrade for newer and resource-intense games. It allows users to play the same games on different platforms, like PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones without much resource requirement from these devices.

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