What is Cloud Management?

Definition of Cloud Management

Cloud management is the process of evaluating, monitoring and optimizing cloud computing services with desired efficiency and performance requirement. It is the end-to-end supervision of entire cloud environment / infrastructure / resources by an organization, cloud service vendor or both.

Brief Description of Cloud Management

Cloud management usually works through a combination of IT / Cloud specific management processes, frameworks and guidelines along with native or third-party cloud management and optimization tools. The frameworks and guidelines drive the principle, objective and road map of cloud management, whereas the software / tools perform management tasks and processes directly on the cloud.

These software / tools generally have access to all or essential resources / components of the cloud environment and can scan for and troubleshoot management issues. Cloud Managers / Administrators use best management tips /techniques in par with the cloud environment and tools to automate management processes.

Where is Cloud Management used?

Cloud management ensures that the cloud computing services are delivered and run with the required service benchmark. .It is used in any cloud environment to handle / mitigate management issues such as resource availability, access control and security, performance, scaling and more.

Cloud management practices are part of all cloud environments, in some way at least. However, large enterprises with enormous cloud infrastructure have more than an elevated emphasis on cloud management.

Although the customer or end user is also responsible for their part, the underlying management of a cloud is primarily a vendor end process and includes every task that directly or indirectly affects the cloud environment.

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