What is Cloud Monitoring System?

Definition of Cloud Monitoring System

Cloud monitoring system is an information system that used for monitoring processes and operations taking place within a cloud-based / hosted infrastructure. Cloud monitoring system provides means for monitoring and managing all cloud hosted infrastructure, applications, and services. They are designed to provide;

  • Cloud Infrastructure Performance Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
How does Cloud Monitoring System work?

Cloud monitoring system is a solution for keeping cloud-based infrastructure in optimal performing and secure.  Typically, cloud monitoring system employs automated cloud monitoring software for monitoring and managing operations, processes, events and workflow on cloud infrastructure.

Such software monitors the cloud resources, records performance data / metrics and reports it to the cloud administrator (usually via graphical dashboards).  Cloud administrators have the monitoring authority to monitor, control and manage workloads and processes.

How and where Cloud Monitoring Systems is used?

Cloud monitoring system has multiple uses including but not limited to;

  • Any organization using internet or cloud sourced services can use cloud monitoring system to ensure confidentiality of data.
  • Helps in assessing the performance of all cloud-based activities such as response and recovery time. This performance evaluation helps in improving the infrastructure as a whole as well as on modular level.
  • Monitoring performance level of cloud servers and virtual machines.
  • Diagnosis performance / security issues and provided means to resolve it.
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