What is meant by Cloud Networking?

Definition of Cloud networking

Cloud networking delivers swift deployment, with the consolidated administration. Here you do not require a fresh hardware, and it protects you from update procedures or annual maintenance. This networking is based on pay-as-you-go subscription pricing. The comprehensive built-in scalability and global access is the most beneficial aspect of cloud networking via a simple Internet connection.

Brief Description of Cloud networking

Cloud networking is a networking standard for building and managing secure private networks over the cloud computing infrastructure. In cloud networking, the conventional networking system now advances through cloud based services rendering connectivity, security, management and control. There are two categories of cloud networking: Cloud-Enabled Networking (CEN) and Cloud-Based Networking (CBN).In short, cloud networking enmeshes the network communication and interconnectivity together in the zones of IT resources and application within a cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud-enabled networking maintains the data and actions that are stored and are performed locally via an appliance or client; however the cloud is responsible for the management and policy implementations. However, the Cloud-based networking is based completely on the cloud. Infrastructure, management, policy and data processing and storage, everything advances in the cloud. Hence cloud networking embraces the world of network on cloud to integrate efficient technology solutions in enterprises which reduce costs and rapidly create and deploy facilitated services.

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