What is Cloud Provisioning?

Definition of  Cloud Provisioning

Provisioning refers to the process of granting and authorizing permissions to users to access the data present at a network, application software or hardware or database on the basis of user credentials. The access levels and types differ on the basis of the role of the employee and the necessity of the usage of that data to a particular individual.

Brief Description of Cloud Provisioning

Provisioning refers to the authorizing and granting of access to a particular data, facility hardware or software on the basis of particular identification and credentials provided by the individual. This is to ensure that the information on that particular hardware, software or facility is accessed by the authorized user at the necessary time. It can be planned on the following basis:

  • On the basis of rules
  • On the basis of roles
  • On the basis of designation
  • On the basis of the department

However, provisioning can also be classified as:


Server provisioning:

It refers to the preparation of the server and makes the network operational by equipping it with proper systems, data, and software.


User provisioning:

It is also called identity management software. It means creating, maintaining and deactivating of user objects and attributes as they are present in one or more locations in the systems, applications etc.


Mobile subscriber provisioning:

It is the installation of a new service for a current subscriber of a mobile network, and any gateways for the chat or availing mail services over the internet. In this process, the operator sends settings to the handset according to the mobile operating system


Mobile content provisioning:

It refers to providing of mobile content language settings, GPRS, and other features to facilitate users have a common user experience.


Internet access provisioning:

When dealing with a user through online channels it is necessary that the client system must be configured in accordance with user and network provisioning. This can be done by manuals, on-site setup, remote setup and installation through CDs.

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