Definition of CLOUD SEEDING

Cloud seeding is the process of backing up the organization’s data to the cloud services for the first time. It is the process of creating data back up to the cloud server, it is also known as seeding the cloud.

Brief Explanation of CLOUD SEEDING

The organization install cloud back software to its server and then the data starts to transfer to the cloud  service. This process will take a lot of time since the data to be transfer is bulky. The data transferred to the cloud will be using internet service to perform this operation. To cut down the time to transfer the data what Cloud providers do, they send the disk storage or any hardware storage to the client.

Clients transfers the data locally to the provided hardware and then this will be sent back to the cloud providers. Cloud providers then copies all the data to the cloud server as initial back up. This process is known as Cloud seeding. From then on whatever blocks are changed on client’s  machine only those block will be backed up after that initial seed.

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