What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Definition of Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting is referred to the process of deploying, hosting and using a server from a cloud infrastructure. It can be in public or private delivery modes. It is usually delivered in the form of a VPS or a dedicated server. It enables users to source and provision a server that is managed, monitored and maintained by a cloud hosting service provider.

Brief Description of Cloud Server Hosting 

Cloud server hosting primarily provides a fully functional cloud based server that can be used to deploy application, data storage, application development or any server end process.

Typically, cloud server hosting provides a server with preconfigured or optional operating system. In VPS based cloud server hosting, end users / subscribers are provided with an option to select from different VPS configurations. These configurations generally include the required processing ( in terms of processor speed), memory, storage, network interfaces and operating system selections. Usually, a VPS can easily be reconfigured with higher or lower computing capacity at runtime or instantly.

In Dedicated Server based cloud server hosting, end users are provided with different available preconfigured physical servers. Such server generally can’t be reconfigured or scaled instantly and requires manual (human) ways to add storage or memory.

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