What is Cloud Storage?

Definition of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to a method of virtualized file storage. It utilizes a storage company’s internal cloud to one logically consecutive disk entity, while in reality, the files saved on that disk could span several servers. The resources are typically virtualized at the storage company. It can be used in many ways for example backing up data via cloud storage can be done by synching the file to a cloud and using the cloud as an archive.

Brief Description of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage can be referred to as a service model that can manage, archive and maintain data remotely and can be made shared among users over the Internet via a third party. It provides virtual storage on demand over a request quality of service based network. Purchasing of storage space is not necessary however the payment is for the capacity of data that it is consuming. Cloud storage can perform the following functions:

  • Backing up the data
  • Synching through a virtual disk
  • Sharing the data to different users
  • Archiving the data
  • Retaining the data

It consists of 3 models namely: Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

In the case of an enterprise the cloud storage system has to be accessible and has to be generalized enough to be interoperable among various systems.

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