What is Cloudware?

Definition of Cloudware

Cloudware is a Software AS A Service ( SAAS) solution that includes development, deployment and availability of a complete software over the internet which is hosted by some Web server.


Different softwares can be delivered over internet and can be used by users as per their system requirements. Cloudware specifically refers to these accessible softwares by the user via internet. User does not need to buy a complete software solution rather he can subscribe to monthly subscription packages provided by the service providers which includes both payment plans i.e. monthly charges and bill per-usage payment method. After subscribing to any of these plans, user is given some credentials to access that specified software through internet. These softwares also include the development environments for developing other softwares. Apart from being the economical solution for using software per requirements, another most important benefit of Cloudware is the maintenance facility which is provided by the vendors or service providers because of which user always avails the most updated version of subscribed software.

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