What is Colocation Facility?

Definition of Colocation Facility

A colocation facility is a secure and controlled 3rd party location where businesses store organizational data. It provides organizations with a rented server with Internet access and high bandwidth. They play a vital role in eliminating latency and providing redundancy within the system.

Brief Description of Colocation Facility

A colocation facility is a highly controlled and secure facility that is meant to provide backup services such as data storage, security of data, server management and connectivity at minimum costs to businesses as a third party. These facilities have high security and an uninterrupted powers supply via firewall solutions, software licensing, and open communication with clients. They are designed with highly redundant systems to ensure availability and avoid outages. They provide their clients with outage reports on demand which beneficial for server management and data management. Control of web servers is also ensured even if they are located offsite. Following are some other advantages of Colocation Facilities:

Following measures are taken to secure information and hardware at the facilities:

  • CCTV cameras and other surveillance methods to monitor the facility
  • Cages or cabinets for each customers group of servers.
  • Employees are escorted in and out of facility to prevent data tampering
  • ID cards and PIN codes to allow access to the building and equipment
  • Biometric security measures like fingerprints and voice recognition
  • Extensive power backups with generators to avoid power failure
  • Air conditioning system to provide control temperature and avoid dry air that damages computer components
  • A Firefighting and detection system to assure data remains safe and the power is uninterrupted.

These facilities provide cost savings in terms of security, uninterrupted power generation, high speed bandwidth to handle large amount of Internet traffic to ensure customers satisfaction and faster page load times. Businesses generate high revenues by  minimizing their IT cost and cost effective bandwidth and safety and security of data.

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