What is a Cyber Locker?

Definition of Cyber Locker

Cyber Locker is online data storage and protection services that provide file storing and sharing services. It is an online or cloud data hosting services that provision on demand storage space within a remote and secure data storage infrastructure.

Cyber Locker is generally different than online storage and cloud storage as it provides enhanced security and privacy of data stored.

Brief Description of Cyber Locker

Cyber Locker is an online service for storing and sharing in a secure and mostly password protected the environment. It is generally used to store content and rich media files. Typically it;

  • Delivers cost-efficient scalable storage
  • Mainly used for personal data storage and sharing services
  • Authorized access to ensure security
  • Privacy and invisibility to surveillance tool and search crawlers

Because of the anonymity of data and restricted access, they are criticized by businesses for being used as safe haven for piracy and people who trade pirated material.

Dropbox, Mega upload, and Hot File are among the popular example of such services.

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