What is Dirty Electricity?

Definition of Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is a term which refers to electricity travelling in main wires with high electromagnetic noise.


As the name states, Dirty Electricity is not the type of electricity that is desired to flow within the wiring circuit of any house or organization. Dirty Electricity can cause damages to the circuits and devices running over it. There could be two possible sources of Dirty Electricity. In first scenario, it can be supplied by the electricity sources in the dirty form. On the other hand, some devices are capable of converting clean electricity into Dirty Electricity. Any electrical device including electric bulbs, refrigerators,  computers, laptops, servers etc. having switched mode power supply can generate immense amount of Dirty Electricity from clean electricity reaching those devices. Dirty Electricity can be avoided using special Filters, specifically designed for this purpose, that are installed over the same wiring circuit on which some device is causing the production of Dirty Electricity. The filters must be plugged in near the devices causing Dirty Electricity production to improve their efficiency.

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