What is Fog computing ?

Definition of Fog computing

Fog computing¬†term made by Cisco that alludes to stretching out cloud computing to the edge of a venture’s system. Otherwise called Edge Computing or misting. Fog processing encourages the operation of register, stockpiling and systems administration benefits between end gadgets and distributed computing server places.

Brief Explanation of Fog computing

This takes into consideration a more vital gathering of information that may not be required in distributed storage immediately, if at all. Fog registering is a term for a contrasting option to distributed computing that puts a few sorts of exchanges and assets at the edge of a system, as opposed to setting up channels for distributed storage and use. This distributed computing plan as “bringing about prevalent client experience” and utilizing “wide topographical dissemination” to deal with ongoing huge informational collections. For instance, a few specialists utilize the case of an elite bit of gear that produces a great deal of information about its execution and utilize. At the point when this information does not should be sent to the cloud, it can be sent to haze registering frameworks that will total it some place close to the edge of the system. Haze processing likewise has specific applications identified with the web of things (IoT), which depicts frameworks in which an ever increasing number of machines and bits of gear are associated with the worldwide web.


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