What is Hadoop?

Definition of Hadoop

Hadoop is a programming framework based on Java and completely free to use and forms a component of the Apache project. It allows users to process significant volumes of data sets in a categorized computing environment.

Brief Explanation of Hadoop

The Apache Software Foundation sponsors Hadoop and this software enables multiple applications to be run on one system. It is made up on the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), MapReduce and Hadoop Kernel etc. These systems are composed of a multitude of nodes, each of which in turn contain over thousands of terabytes worth of data. It has a distributed file system which enables fast transfer rate of data between notes and also facilitates the continuous operating of the system in case of any failure in the nodes. This lessens the chance of a significant system failure, even when an important amount of nodes are no longer operative. Google’s MapReduce is the inspiration behind Hadoop, whereby one application is split into various smaller components. Hadoop’s utility is why it is used by significant organizations such as IBM, Yahoo and Google primarily for applications that involve advertising and search engines. Though Hadoop can also work with OS X and BSD, however Windows and Linux remain the preferred operating systems.

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