What is Hybrid Cloud Storage ?

Definition of Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage is a type of cloud storage model that derives and combines the functionality of public and private cloud storage model to provide cloud storage services. It is a cloud storage technique that utilizes internal and external cloud applications, infrastructure and storage systems to form integrated storage architecture. It is accessed using web services API’s framework or cloud application.

Brief Description of Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage can be deployed using many different deployment and implementation approaches.  It is primarily implemented by connecting in-house storage infrastructure with an external cloud storage SaaS application / thin client. The data is stored on in house servers and is accessed using a SaaS or web interface. This approach minimizes the risk of keeping data in public cloud storage servers and still delivers virtualized storage infrastructure, desk utilization and storage consolidation, multi tenant architecture, capacity management and other key cloud storage attributes.

Another approach in hybrid cloud storage is to extend /add the internal storage with public or private cloud storage. In this scenario, an organization sources additional storage space for their internal IT Infrastructure / applications /services from a public / private cloud storage service provider.

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