What is Hyper V live migration ?

Definition of Hyper V live migration

Hyper V live migration is a Hyper-V highlight in Windows Server 2008 R2, which requires the fail over grouping highlight to be included and designed the servers running Hyper-V. Live relocation enables you to straightforwardly move running virtual machines from one hub of the fail over bunch to another hub.

Brief Explanation of Hyper V live migration

At the point when Hyper-V initially appeared, its lone relocation innovation was “Brisk Migration”. This innovation, which still exists is as yet helpful, is an almost without downtime strategy for moving a virtual machine starting with one host then onto the next inside a failover group. Snappy Migration was trailed by Live Migration, which is a sans downtime strategy for playing out a similar capacity. Live Migration has since been extended with various tempting components, including the capacity to move between two has that don’t utilize fail over grouping. Hyper-V live relocation is a Microsoft Hyper-V include that enables directors to move virtual machines (VMs) between grouped hosts without perceptible administration intrusion. Live movement can be started through the Fail over Cluster Manager, Power Shell or the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

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