What is IaaS Architecture?

Definition of IaaS Architecture

IaaS Architecture is referred to the structural design that enables in delivering infrastructure computing resources over the internet / cloud. It provides the design means of planning and building an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution or service model. It serves as the design blueprint for IaaS architects / designers / implementer.

Brief Description of IaaS Architecture

Typically, IaaS architecture serves as the architectural layout for developing and deploying an IaaS solution. It generally includes physical components such as processing and storage resources and their desired capacity required for IaaS solution to work.

The key objective of an IaaS architecture is to plan and design an IaaS solution that provides a pool of highly available and reliable IT Infrastructure resources. It incorporates technological and management considerations such as;

  • Technology: Servers, storage, workstations, networking equipment and other physical computing and communication devices.
  • Management: Infrastructure Management tools, policies, workflow, security, subscription and access and more.
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