What is iCloud?

Definition of iCloud

iCloud is a cloud based service by Apple Incorporation that provides cloud storage and synching for its propriety desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It enables Apple users to store documents, videos, photos, music and other data online and sync it between different iOS devices. iCloud was previously known as MobileMe.

Brief Description of iCloud

iCloud is a suite of cloud based apps and services that enables iOS users to add and synch files, contacts, and bookmarks in between selected Apple devices. All data in is stored and backed up on Apple’s cloud storage servers and are accessible globally through internet.

Some of the services iCloud provide include;

  • One click uploads of photos from device to the storage cloud.
  • Storage, synching and delivery of apps and media files from iTunes to all connected devices.
  • Create, manage, share and synch calendars, contacts, notes and reminders.
  • iCloud Drive ( virtual storage drive) and data backup and more.
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